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My vision as a personal trainer is to make a difference in my clients' lives by giving them motivation, support, and results oriented training on their path to good health and fitness in a non-intimidating environment. I believe that mental confidence and physical success will come with a comprehensive strategy involving the physical, nutritional, and psychological aspects of training that I am able to offer.
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Get out of the gym!  Train Naturally!  Learn to move the way the body is built to move. PERSONAL TRAINING As a professional Personal Trainer, I take many factors into consideration when planning your personalized program.  Each client is an individual, with specific goals and needs.  The results will motivate you!  SMALL GROUP TRAINING  Get the benefits of personal training at a lower cost.  Small Group Training is one of the hottest trends in fitness.  Groups are forming now!  Contact Dani.  30 DAY TRANSFORMATION  If you are ready to take your fitness to the next level, make a difference in your health status, or achieve your dream – this is the program that will transform you.   

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Natural Running

Learn to run the way the you were meant to run:  pain free, strong, efficient, healthy.  Are you a runner who is discouraged with running due to nagging aches, pains, or injuries?  Do you find running to be too "hard"?  Do you have a goal in mind for someday, such as a 5 or 10k, half or full marathon?  Then you will want to find out more about Natural Running!
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