Dani’s Bio

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My vision as a personal trainer is to make a difference in my clients’ lives by giving them motivation, support, and results oriented training on their path to good health and fitness in a non-intimidating environment. I believe that mental confidence and physical success will come with a comprehensive strategy involving the physical, nutritional, technical and psychological aspects of training that I am able to offer.

I have always been a runner. Track was my favorite sport in high school.

I grew up in Wyoming and after high school served in the U.S. Marine Corps followed by the Air Force Reserve while getting my college degree. Running continued to be a part of my life and I found myself gravitating toward the health and fitness profession, eventually leading me to get my certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I have competed in numerous triathlon, duathlon, 5 and 10k races, half and full marathons.

Even though I have always been active, I have dealt with several personal health issues such as asthma, high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, depression and arthritis. During a routine check-up, the doctor looked at me and said that if I didn’t do something about the high blood pressure, I was going to have a stroke (at that point I was running 3-4 days per week). That scared me. I lost my dad to diabetes and heart problems when he was only 51. I decided I needed to take my running and biking to the next level and this is when I started training for triathlons. At that point, I had to learn to swim and to overcome my almost debilitating fear of the ocean (and sharks). I competed in my first triathlon at Camp Pendleton 6 months after learning to swim.

I live in Camarillo with my husband and daughter. My son has just returned back to California after serving in the Air Force. We often enjoy camping at the beach. I also love to kayak, mountain bike, stand-up-paddleboard, ski, hike, and watch my daughter play basketball and volleyball. I know very well that life is busy and making time for yourself, especially to exercise is not easy! I have learned and proven that with motivation and belief in yourself, you are able to overcome and accomplish great things!