Move, Nourish and Rejuvenate

Can you image staying at a cozy beach house with your own organic chef, personal trainer, and cherished friends?  Consider how this opportunity would allow you to feel supported and allow you take your health and wellness to a whole new level.


I have always dreamed of having the means to offer this kind of weekend.  I'm passionate about helping people realize that the three components of good health are 1. nutrition, 2. exercise, and 3. recovery (which includes sleep and stress relief).  We need to take care of ourselves in order to care for others, live a life of vitality, and set an example to friends and family.  At the urging of one of my mentors, I put this dream out there to the universe and within one year, it became a reality.  I was able to connect with Chef Suzanne Landry and a beach house owner.  We worked together to come up with Rejuvenation Retreats.  We are now into the second year of holding these retreats.

I put a lot of work into the plan:  Guests are welcomed on Friday evening with a light dinner, introductions and a guided meditation to set the tone for a relaxed weekend.  Saturday brings walking or running near the beach, nutrition classes, cooking demonstrations, core & stretch exercises and gentle introductions into new ways of movement such as pilates and hula hooping.   Suzanne prepares amazing meals.  Following dinner, we have a vision board & goal setting activity.  Sunday begins mid morning with yoga on the beach followed by brunch and Q&A with the health coaches.  Massages are offered throughout the weekend to really give that much needed stress relief.  


And magic happens….

Strangers come together and leave as friends.  Connections are made.  Hearts are opened.  Tears are shed.  Secrets are shared.  Laughter sings out.  There is true magic in the nourishment of a soul, that she receives from other women.  

It is incredibly rewarding for me to meet these women who come as guests.  Each with her own story, her own reason for being here.  I am so blessed in getting to know them over the weekend.   Big hugs all around as the weekend winds down.

As much as Suzanne and I preach nutrition and exercise….it's the letting loose, relaxation, inner soul searching, and self care that can complete a healthy lifestyle.  There is much to be said about real rejuvenation.


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