Stop wasting your money on personal training

Sound crazy coming from me?  I'm a personal trainer.  

I want you to get the very MOST out of your training sessions.  The reason that I do what I do – train people – is because I truly want to help you be a healthier, fitter, and more confidant version of yourself.  I have clients of all fitness levels and each with their own goals.  I love seeing them progress and overcome obstacles probably more than they do.  In order to really make progress, one must practice good health every day…not just that 30 minute or hour session a couple days a week.  It is my purpose and passion to guide you on your fitness journey in a safe and motivating environment.  When you purchase personal training sessions, you are making an investment in your health – and in your future.  Get as much as you can out of those sessions, and it will be well worth every penny.


Here are my top ten tips to get the most out of your personal training

1.  Eat.  But not 15 minutes before your session.  Good nutrition is key.  I always want my clients to be fueled for the day and for the workout.  Don't skip breakfast.  If you have an early morning session, give yourself enough time to get something into your system, like a protein shake or oatmeal…and allow time for it to digest.  Pushing through a hard workout on empty doesn't get you where you need to be, you will loose steam.  You'll also be prone to over eat after the session because your body is starving.

2.  Be on time.  In fact, be a little early.  If you have a 30 minute or hours session with me, I expect you to get your 10 minute warm up before we jump in.  This way we can spend more time on the workout and focusing on your goals.  I may have clients after you, so if you are 5 or 10 minutes late – your session will be that much shorter.

3.  Talk to me.  Communication is key.  I need to know if you have any injuries, illnesses, and other physical pain.  The last thing I want to do is aggravate an injury.  Ask questions.  Don't lie, especially when I ask questions (like about your food diary), you're only stalling your own progress.  

4.  Visualize your success.  Keeping a positive attitude and seeing yourself succeed will accelerate your progress.  The brain is a powerful tool.  When you see yourself with muscle tone, slimmed waist, or running a faster 5k you will manifest it.  You will give yourself the willpower needed to reach that goal.

5.  Drink water.  Being well hydrated will keep your muscles from becoming fatigued too soon.  Also, dehydration will cause muscle cramps.  Stay away from sports drinks like Gatorade (just adds more calories and is full of ingredients that I can't even pronounce).  

6. Schedule your sessions AND your homework.  Put it on the calendar, you'll be much more likely to fit it in your day and get it done.  It's okay to schedule time for yourself!

7.  Recover.  Your body needs time to rest and recover.  This is where you actually make changes in your body.  Sleep!  Get 6 – 8 hours per night.  You need it.

8.  Put your heart into it.  Wearing a heart rate monitor will give you all kinds of cool information.  We'll know exactly how many calories your burning, what zone you're working in, and I can tell when I need to push a little further and when to back off.  

9.  Bring your own water bottle and yoga mat.  Water for sure – and the yoga mat is just a suggestion because we see a lot people at the studio/gym.  You don't want those germs, do you?

10.  No whining.  You're paying me to give you a workout.  Let's not make it an unpleasant experience.  Be open to new moves.  I'm certified and know what I'm doing.  I am continually furthering my education with research, classes, and certifications…so trust me.

I'm lucky.  I have the best clients in the world and I truly enjoy the work I do.  If there is ever a time you have any questions about fitness & health, please ask!

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