Great Experience

I was totally out of shape and therefore worried that I would be unable to cope with the exercise regiment that Dani designed for me. Surprise, surprise ... I had a good workout but not an exhausting workout. Dani took into consideration my age and condition and designed my workout accordingly. Dani is pleasant, funny, and very encouraging. She will continually encourage and motivate you to the point that you look forward to the next workout. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DANI as a personal trainer - you won't be sorry.

Dennis McCarty

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the help you have given me.  Your knowledge and guidance in helping me reach my 6 week goal of winning the J3 challenge is proof enough that a good trainer makes all the difference in the world.In the first 6 weeks, with your help, I have accomplished the following:

Dropped 12 pounds

Reduced my body fat percentage from 28% to 24%

Improved my mile time from 10:00 min to 7:30 min

Have more energy and most importantly,

Feel better about my self

I truly enjoy the varied workouts we do each week as well as your positive attitude and the friendly environment at your studio.  The workouts are challenging and always fun. Your knowledge of running and ability to teach me better technique has not only improved my run times, but has made running more enjoyable.  With your help, I have learned the importance of keeping a food journal and have gained a better understanding of nutrition.  I look forward to the next 6 weeks and the accomplishments that I know will come with hard work and a solid trainer.  Thank you again,

Sam Nahas"


"I think your training was great. I think you were able to pack a ton of useful information into one short hour. I wouldn't change a thing about it. 


Chris Guthrie"


"Feeling good, on the taper. Tampa was hot and humid, but stayed at the beach and ran the flats. A guy coming my way yesterday said from a distance he thought I was barefoot. Good coaching I told him. 

I get to relax here for a few days of low-key work and a run with friends and then to Chicago Friday. Weather looks great. 

Thanks!"  TP


"Dani is the best, most inspirational running coach! I always wanted to love running, and after a few sessions with Dani, I do, and i always look forward to the next time!"  Lisa Rutherford


"Dani, thanks for the pain today…you seemed so nice before I worked out with you…you're mean… ;-). Just kidding…it was a great workout! I'm in…after working out to the Insanity program for 6 months, this old D1 athlete likes the pain Dani dishes out. Can't wait for Monday at 6:00 AM. Thanks Dani!"  Mike Hobbs


"Hi Dani,

Thanks so much for this recap. I really enjoyed the clinic and learned so much! I've been practicing these things on the trail at Arroyo Verde. So far it's a better experience all around.
Thanks again

“Hi Dani,

Thank you for the training session yesterday morning. Wow! There’s quite a lot to this. I just wanted to say I appreciated your friendly, easy-going manner, and how well you presented the information, breaking it down into more manageable pieces. Still, quite a learning curve for someone who is challenged to walk and chew gum at the same time!

(I should probably be writing foot alphabets while I’m here at the computer – maybe with a bit more practice…)

Thanks also for summarizing everything in your email – that is very helpful. I’m looking forward to next week!